USC Upstate Course Material Award

The USC Upstate Course Material Award supports students with a minimum 2.0 GPA and demonstrated financial need in purchasing required course materials when an emergency arises and the student cannot afford to purchase or lease the required materials themselves. To be considered for the award, the student must submit an application and provide a copy of their registered classes for the upcoming semester, total required textbook or course material expenses from the USC Upstate Bookstore, and provide a brief written explanation demonstrating their financial need. When providing a copy of the total textbook or course material expenses from the USC Upstate Bookstore, each selection should be in accordance with the three options below. If awarded, the recipient may retrieve a voucher at the Financial Aid Office for the cost of their books up to $500 to use at the USC Upstate Bookstore toward their textbook and course material expenses. Students may receive future support if they apply and meet qualifications.

Option 1: Textbook rentals are preferred and take priority. If the textbook needed is not available as a rental, the student may opt for Option 2. The student must have a credit card associated with the rental if the textbooks are not returned at the end of the rental term. If not returned, the student will be charged.

Option 2: Buy used books or e-books.

Option 3: If rentals, used books, or e-books are unavailable, new textbooks or course materials may be purchased as a last resort.

This scholarship awards up to $500.

Up to $500